10 Mark Saar 1947

In search of the alphabet "6"

All banknotes of Saarland experienced a very short life. Among the 6 banknotes issued (1, 2, 5, 10, 50 and 100 Mark), here is a short summary on the 10 Mark (VF 47.1). This note offer actually a few surprises... when I wanted to acquire this note, I found it was very difficult to find it, first in good quality, but more importantly, some alphabets were simply not found. Early October 2011, I undertook a first score. 2 years later, I get a table broken down by alphabet, a provisional total of 129 banknotes with the best possible grade known.


First observation: the first 4 alphabets representing 82% of notes encountered with 106 notes pointed. For the alphabet "5", it no longer counts as 9 notes, with the most beautiful  in XF/AU grade.


Second observation: the alphabet "6" is still unknown for the moment.


For the Alphabet "11" only 6 notes are known but all in F/VF. Then for alphabets "7" to "10", there remains only one known note... Until the recent sale of the CGB PM 26, which proposed a second note of the alphabet "9" (Y.9-88054), sold 305 euros in VF grade (see the sale).


But it is in December 2012 a new alphabet had appeared, with the sale by the Company Antika a note in "AU" grade: alphabet "13", thus confirming the hypothesis of the probable existence of alphabet "12"... I eventually found last August 2013 in F/VF grade. It leaves us just remount to find alphabet "6", so all your folders... Very soon in an upcoming issue of a next BN, cordially!


Yann-Noël Hénon




(Article written in French for cgb.fr in december 2013.)


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