Prices go up!

Third Record auction for a "Trésorerie aux Armées" banknote


Examples of sales since 2005

List of 16 banknotes "Trésorerie aux Armées" having exceeded the 100 euros in auctions or sold by banknotes dealers :

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In 2013, when the sale of my first collection (, Paper Money #24), my note 50 Centimes Trésorerie aux Armées (A1 - No. 0773474) was sold in UNC for 184 euros (see the sale). It is currently selling record to date for a banknote of this type. In the last auction, Paper Money #28, a note 50 Centimes Trésorerie aux Armées (R - No. 0037550) has reached the price of 155 euros in aUNC (see the sale). Okay, it's only 25 euros above real price, and with only 2 offers for this note! Normal, you can say?


But this note is not normal!

The first surprise: a maximum offer is available at 281 euros! Unheard of for the type. Second surprise: this is the third record sales for a Trésorerie aux Armées note in all series. Third surprise: this is only the second known in UNC grade for the letter "R" on a total of 19 banknotes pointed in the FBOW inventory (see table below). Fourth and final surprise: the note becomes the smallest number met for the 1919 series! Congratulations to the lucky buyer. very soon on FBOW, Yann-Noël Hénon.